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The Multi-Purpose Crawler Carrier is capable of towing, lifting, transporting, dumping and powering oil spill response equipment

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Multipurpose Crawler Carrier Bed Lifted
Multipurpose Crawler Carrier With Crane Attachment
Multipurpose Crawler Carrier Towing PACS Unit

Multipurpose Crawler Carrier (MPCC)

Elastec is one of the worlds largest manufacturers of oil spill equipment. Recognizing that access to spill locations is often difficult and in remote areas, we have developed a range of customized response vehicles.

The Elastec Multipurpose Crawler Carrier has a unique combination of tools that are finally brought together in one system. The MPCC is capable of towing, lifting, transporting, dumping and powering oil spill equipment.

The Multipurpose Crawler Carrier is a very robust Utility Vehicle that has the ability to tow equipment such as our All Terrain Vac and PACS vacuum trailer as well as haul other equipment.

We have taken this versatile platform and incorporated a hydraulic pump, controls and tank to match our oil skimmers and transfer pumps (ES400, SeaSkater). With these modifications it is not necessary to transport a hydraulic power unit to the spill site.

Payload: 6,600 lbs / 2,994 kg.
Operating Weight: 5,016 lbs / 2,275 kg
Engine: Kubota 46hp / 34kW @ 2,700
Fuel Capacity: 13.7 gals / 52 litres
Travel Drive System: Hydrostatic (HST)
Transmission System: 2 Speed Manual