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BoomVane Spray

The Elastec BoomVane™ Spray system can be deployed from small service vessels, such as coastal fishing boats, pilot and work boats, for dispersant application on marine oil spills. The 1m BoomVane allows for a wider spray width (65 ft / 20 m) than conventional arm systems.

The BoomVane Spray has been developed with funding from NOFO (Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies) with the objective of providing low displacement vessels a way to safely spray dispersants in deep water close to shore. Dispersant application can be performed at 4 to 5 knots and in wind speeds up to Beaufort 5.

The system comes complete with a choice of dispersant pump sets or alternatively existing units may be integrated into the setup. Our pump set will apply neat or diluted dispersant from a 82 ft / 25 m nozzle hose assembly which is suspended between the vessel and the BoomVane mast. The 13 nozzle hose assembly is stored on an aluminium reel.

As the BoomVane is towed in the water, it swings out and away from the vessel, held by a single tow line. When in operating position off the vessel side, the nozzle hose is run out along a line to the masthead. The tilt prevention rigging inside the mast keeps it vertical when the load is applied.

The BoomVane is capable of supporting the mast and dispersant spray hose and line. The BoomVane is self-balancing, no adjustments or trimming are required. Completely stable and insensitive to wave action, BoomVane may be used for towing booms when not being used in the spray system.

The standard system features an electric start diesel pump unit with back up hand start and a capacity of up to 107 liters per minute / 28 gallons per minute, delivering concentrate or diluted dispersant. The pump is self-priming and can draw dispersant from tanks below decks.

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  • Wider spray width than with conventional arms (65 ft / 20 m)
  • Dispersant is applied at correct droplet size and height
  • Dispersant is applied at a safe distance from the towing vessel and personnel
  • Dispersant can be applied near shore without putting vessel at risk (ideal for deep and high energy shorelines)
  • High application accuracy

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