Floating baffles are flow control devices which increase the retention time in water treatment applications. Increased retention time creates a larger active area, improving efficiency and reducing the Total Suspended Solids (TSS). This improves overall water quality and assists in industry compliance with state and federal regulations for discharge and treatment of wastewater.

Elastec baffle systems are custom fabricated to meet the specific needs for your location. Our systems offer ease of installation and superior performance. Elastec Floating Baffle Systems incorporate the best components for specific lagoon conditions. Components are selected for their corrosive resistant properties, ability to withstand ultraviolet radiation (UV), chemical resistance, hydrodynamic conditions and other specifications. Our state of the art manufacturing plant is capable of building one piece baffle sections up to 2500 feet (762 meters), which reduces onsite assembly to zero.

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Applications for Elastec Floating Baffle Systems:

  • Municipal WWTP
  • Oxidation Ponds
  • Cooling Water
  • Sludge Composting
  • Industrial WWTP
  • Reservoirs
  • Clear Wells
  • Clarifiers
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