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Portable incinerators for debris, trash or hazardous medical waste.

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Elastec manufactures batch load portable incinerators to eliminate waste ranging from general waste and oily debris to hazardous medical waste.

MediBurn Portable Incinerator Thumb

Portable, compact, medical waste incinerator for hospitals and clinics. Diesel fueled, MediBurn is a sensible and environmentally safe solution in the prevention of the spread of infectious diseases for batch-load incineration of clinical waste. Easy to install and simple to operate.

SmartAsh Portable Incinerator Thumb

SmartAsh is a portable incinerator for general non-hazardous waste. Ideal for remote locations - mining camps, job sites, oil drilling operations, truck stops, construction sites, islands, barges, campsites and military installations.

Drug Terminator Portable Incinerator

This portable, easy to use incinerator is specifically designed for safe and efficient disposal of confiscated drugs.