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FOG – Trash – Oil – Debris – Silt – Drugs

How Do We Keep Our Waterways Clean?

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From storm water runoff’s first flush to flushing drugs into our sewer systems – trash, oil spills, silt, FOG (fats, oils and grease), pharmaceuticals and aquatic weeds pollute our waterways every day. Elastec develops simple and cost-effective solutions to keep our streams, rivers and oceans protected from surface water contaminants.

Elastec is the largest manufacturer of oil spill response equipment in North America with distribution in 155 countries. Our floating barriers, curtains, booms, skimmers, fire boom, work boats, portable incinerators, vacuum systems, pumps and power units work around the world to keep our waterways clean.

Wet waste cleanup


The Elastec Portable Air Conveyance System (PACS) is a trailer-mounted, purpose-built “mean-cleaning-machine” for off-road jobs in places like rough and rugged oil fields. It vacuums up tough stuff – gravel, drilling mud, and crude oil spills. With the introduction of water, PACS can also clean up mulch, silt, sand, litter, and leaves.

PACS is designed to go where large vacuum trucks can’t or are not cost-effective. The trailer-mounted system is easily towed with a pickup truck, dump truck, fork truck or tractor in the tight workspaces of refineries, drilling or construction sites or manufacturing facilities.

Drug disposal


The Elastec Drug Terminator destroys evidence narcotics, paraphernalia, pharmaceuticals and take-back drugs, preventing them from tainting waterways.

Floatables collection


The Elastec Omni Catamaran skims floatables into its litter basket to keep storm water canals and waterways free from debris.

Debris containment


Elastec manufactures heavy-duty booms and turbidity curtains for controlling trash, debris, aquatic weeds, silt and sediments.

Fats, oils, grease collection


Elastec manufactures a full line of oil skimmer systems for spill response and fats, oils & grease collection.