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PACS 1000 Helps Keystone Gas Solutions LLC

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PACS 1000 Money Machines

Bob McKeown really likes the Elastec/American Marine Portable Air Conveyance System 1000 gallon vacuum trailer. His Keystone Gas Solutions LLC provides a wide range of services to Marcellus Shale customers. Their base in Perryopolis, Pa. has five ELASTEC PACS machines. He listed the advantages of the vacuum trailers (which also feature a pressure washer and 135-gallon freshwater saddle tank) in an interview with Ken Wysocky of Gas & Oil Mining Contractor magazine.

Each of his ELASTEC PACS units can generate up to 424 cfm of vacuum power, capable of picking up liquids and many solids. Because it also features a pressure washer (capable of producing 3 ½ gpm at 1,200 psi), it eliminates the need for a second vehicle. The ELASTEC PACS 1000 is compact, relatively lightweight, very maneuverable and towable with a civilian pickup, eliminating the need for a special driving license. It has a large rear door and tilt bed. Best of all, it’s reliable. His ELASTEC PACS units are real workhorses that perform well, often in difficult environments and terrain, he told the magazine. “They work.”

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