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Spill Response Packages

Elastec offers custom oil spill response equipment packages. These packages are designed to be stored in trailers and containers, and they come in a variety of sizes and styles. We can custom-outfit them to your specifications. We understand that every situation is unique, and can help you decide what equipment to include. If you have any questions about our custom packages, please contact us today.

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Oil spill response package containers

Oil Spill Equipment Containers

Elastec can manufacture custom storage solutions such as containers, racks and aluminum storage boxes. We can install rails for hanging oil spill containment boom inside containers. This system allows the boom to be stored off the floor and pre-connected, ready for rapid deployment.

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Oil spill response package trailers

Oil Spill Response Trailers

Elastec offers a full range of customizable trailers for storing and transporting oil spill response packages. Our oil spill response trailers may be equipped with a side door to give you full access to the equipment and are perfect for storing equipment near control points established in your emergency oil spill response plan.

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Creek oil spill kit

Creek Spill Kit

The ELASTEC Creek Spill Kit is a turnkey oil spill response package for rapid containment in a small waterway. The all-weather cover doubles as a holding tank for collected product. The crate features a convertible frame to allow easy access for loading and unloading equipment. The Creek Spill Kit includes the crate, ELASTEC SuperStream containment boom, two ELASTEC Terra Twist anchors, yellow polypropylene rope, and absorbent booms and pads. This kit pairs well with the ELASTEC 12v Mini Skimmer (not included.)

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