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General Waste Incinerator

MediBurn general waste incinerator

Elastec’s general waste incinerator is environmentally safe, compact, and easy to operate. The diesel-fueled system is ideal for burning medical waste, collected drugs from take-back programs, illegal drugs and paraphernalia, food waste, and trash. The unit is suited for use in hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, laboratories, blood banks, police departments, military bases, veterinary clinics and airports. The waste incinerator is available in two sizes. The original model is capable of disposing of up to 8 cu ft / 0.22 cu m batch-loads with a burn rate of 18 to 20 kg per hour and our larger model is capable of disposing of up to 10.5 cu ft / 0.30 cu m of waste with a burn rate of 30 kg per hour. It features electronic controls for improved safety and system control, and multi-language support is available.


“We purchased their MediBurn Incinerator for our Haiti-based hospital serving 550,000+ poor each year. Elastec's experienced staff has backed their product through quality and timely service. Their medical waste incinerators have had a concrete impact on our service to the world’s poor.”

Mark M.

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Why Use A General Waste Incinerator?

Waste accumulation is an increasing problem, especially in more remote areas and some hazardous waste cannot be sent to a landfill. One solution is to incinerate trash or drugs on-site. Food, medical waste, drugs and drug-related paraphernalia can be safely reduced to a small amount of ash and then disposed of avoiding the logistics of transport to a landfill or larger off-site incinerator. Our waste incinerators have been used for a wide range of disposal including airlines burning international food waste.

Medical Waste Incineration

The incinerator is easy to operate and requires minimal training. It burns everything from medical waste to animal remains with clean emissions. Its small footprint makes it easy to fit in facilities with limited space. Its portability and simple installation offers the flexibility for relocation. Our waste incinerator can also be used to burn drugs that have been collected through take-back programs or expired evidence logs. The fire reduces the drugs to a small amount of ash and sterilizes needles for disposal.

Advantages of Elastec’s Waste Incinerator

  • Minimal Training
  • Quick setup and ready to use upon delivery
  • Requires only a power supply connection and diesel fuel
  • Automatic pre-set cycle control for efficient fuel consumption
  • Thermostatic temperature control for efficient fuel consumption
  • Dual chamber combustion and high exhaust temperatures in excess of 1,000°C (1,832°F)

What Can It Incinerate?

  • Medical Waste
  • Animal Remains
  • Illegal Drugs and Paraphernalia
  • Collected Prescription Drugs from Take Back Programs
  • Food Waste
  • Garbage, Trash, and Waste

Frequently Asked Questions

What temperature does the unit reach?

It burns at 1,900F (1,000C) and can reach temperatures above 2,200F (1,250C)

What electrical hookup is required?

It needs a 220v, single phase power connection. It can work with 50 or 60Hz. It also requires diesel fuel for operation.

Can this incinerator be used to burn infectious waste from an Ebola outbreak?

Yes. Elastec’s MediBurn has proven itself in eliminating infectious medical waste in locations ranging from Sudan to the South Pacific, in remote healthcare facilities and developing countries on every continent but Antarctica. Agencies ranging from UNICEF to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control have found the units helpful in fighting infectious disease.

How big is the fuel tank and how much fuel does it use?

The onboard fuel tank holds 40 gallons. It uses 2-3 gallons per hour.

How hard is this unit to operate?

It is very easy to operate with little or no training. The control system is simple to understand and repairs/maintenance can be done with basic mechanical skills. Technical support is always available by phone or email.

National Stock Numbers
  • MediBurn (0MEDI-220): 4540-01-551-9666
  • MediBurn Spares (0KIT-SP130): 4540-01-551-9551
  • MediBurn30 (0MEDI-230): 4540-01-581-2479
  • MediBurn30 Spares (0KIT-SP133): 4540-01-581-2546
  • ThermoCouple (4THERCO000C): 6685-01-567-5073

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