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Floating Trash Barriers

Since 1967, Elastec has manufactured floating trash barriers through its acquisition of American Marine in Cocoa, Florida. Waterway engineers have relied on our high-quality products and installation expertise in over 155 countries. We manufacture barriers for floating trash, debris, and aquatic weed control. Contact us today to see how we can help with your project.

Floating trash barriers

Floating Trash Barriers

Whether you are trying to stop floating trash and debris in waterways or protect beaches from invasive aquatic plants, we can provide a solution that works for you. Learn More >>>

Aquatic plant floating trash barrier

Aquatic Plant Barriers

Our waterway barriers are designed with an emphasis on improving water quality and are used to maintain a natural, balanced ecosystem. Learn More >>>

Floating net barrier

Floating Net Barriers

Floating Net Barriers are designed to control trash, debris, and aquatic plants at job sites, intakes, outfalls, and marinas. Learn More >>>

Water baffles

Water Baffles

Elastec floating baffle systems incorporate the optimal components for your water treatment conditions and location to insure easy installation and superior performance. Learn More >>>

Floating trash barrier accessories

Floating Trash Barrier Accessories

Elastec offers a wide variety of accessories for our floating trash barriers and turbidity curtains including tidal compensators, mooring buoys, reels, stand-off units, anchor kits, repair kits, storage racks, navigation marker lights, and magnetic boom connectors.
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