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Employees Receive Elastec/American Marine Above and Beyond Awards

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Elastec/American Marine Above and Beyond

Several employees at the Elastec/American Marine facilities in Carmi and Fairfield, Ill. and Cocoa, Fla. were recognized for their contribution to the company by performing tasks beyond their daily job requirements. Nominations for the Above and Beyond award are made by E/AM employees, customers and vendors and reviewed by a committee for consideration.

Donnie Wilson, E/AM chief executive officer, acknowledged Lynde Hickox, David Oates, Dave Madding, Chris Magan, Cecil Wilson, Tierre Hutchinson and Bryan Peters for their exceptional performance at recent employee luncheons.

Hickox was instrumental in tracking the details of the fire boom repair process at the Fairfield facility. At the Carmi production plant, Oates assisted in workboat assembly training which was in addition to his responsibilities in the Quality department.
Madding saved the company money by volunteering to perform necessary construction work at the Carmi production facility. Madding completed the construction safely and on time. With the absence of a person in the maintenance department due to illness, Peters is “basically a one-man show.” According to Wilson, “Bryan continues to work long hours to make sure production continues without interruptions at all Illinois facilities.”

In Cocoa, Magan and Wilson volunteered to come in early to set up and cook for employee luncheons and to stay late to clean up. Hutchinson assists in training new metal shop employees because, he explained, “I want the metal shop employees to succeed.” Wilson praised all Elastec/American Marine employees on their dedication to the company’s values and performing their jobs with a positive work ethic.