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Elastec Commits to Safety, Passes Certification for Compliant Trailers

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NATM graphic

NATM graphic

(Topeka, KS – 11/9/2020) Elastec Inc. continues the fight to improve the safety of America’s roads and highways this week after passing their compliance certification with the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM). By being a member of NATM, Elastec is aligning with a determined coalition of trailer manufacturers and industry advocates that has bipartisan support in national and local levels of government. NATM has been lauded by National Highway Administrator Owens and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Administrator Martinez for their work in the industry for their dedication and commitment to improving trailer safety.

Following revelations that unsafe, illegal trailers are sold across the United States, putting Americans at risk on roadways, NATM was founded to promote safety within the industry. Not all trailers are created equally, and by joining NATM and proudly displaying the red, white and blue NATM decal on their trailers, Elastec is showing consumers their trailers meet a higher standard of safety.

Elastec has been in business for over 30 years. They manufacture various types of Vacuum trailers up to 26,000 GVRW. Elastec has been a member of NATM for more than 10 years. To find out more about the trailers they have available, visit

Elastec passed the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers’ biennial safety compliance consultation, part of NATM’s Compliance Verification Program. The compliance program, including its consultation, is based on the NATM Guidelines for Recommended Minimum Manufacturing Practices for Light- and Medium-Duty Trailers. The Guidelines is a compilation of federal safety standards and regulations and industry best practices that govern trailer construction.

NATM’s compliance program, including the on-site consultation, is available to all NATM trailer manufacturing members. Once the manufacturer’s manufacturing process passes the checklist based on the Guidelines. Founded in 1987, NATM and represents manufacturers that produce light- and medium-duty trailers. NATM members also include suppliers to the industry. Organized to raise awareness of safety and quality in trailer manufacturing, NATM works to improve the trailer industry through the promotion of compliance with its Guidelines. The Association currently has more than 900 member companies worldwide.


With 75 years of combined manufacturing experience, Elastec (Carmi and Fairfield, Illinois) and its American Marine division (Cocoa, Florida) design, develop and distribute environmental products such as oil spill response equipment, floating containment booms and barriers, and portable incinerators in 155 countries.

Elastec revolutionized oil spill recovery technology with the invention of the drum skimmer in 1990. Since then, the company has developed a broad portfolio of environmental cleanup products: oil skimmers, oil boom, boom reels, Hydro-Fire™ Boom, American Fireboom, BoomVaneTM, work boats, SmartAsh, MediBurn, and Drug Terminator incinerators, turbidity curtains, Brute Boom, and trash/debris devices to keep our world clean.

Elastec’s American Fireboom and Hydro-Fire® Boom systems were used extensively in the Deepwater Horizon incident for the insitu burning (ISB) of oil in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. Elastec’s Hydro-Fire® Boom holds the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for the “Longest Continuous Burn of Oil Spilled at Sea” for its performance during the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

Elastec’s American Marine division in Florida has been manufacturing floating booms, barriers, baffles and turbidity curtains since 1967 to protect sensitive marine habitats from silt and sediment pollution as well as to control floating trash, debris and invasive aquatic weeds in our waterways, rivers and oceans.

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