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Elastec/American Marine Equipment in Ecuador

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Elastec equipment in Ecuador

Quality and dependability made all the difference when the state oil company of Ecuador decided recently to purchase Elastec/American Marine oil spill response equipment. PetroEcuador recently acquired two ELASTEC TDS136G grooved drum skimmers, two ELASTEC SeaSkater weir skimmers, a PACS1000-770, two ELASTEC BoomVane™ units, 60 sections of oil containment boom and ten QuickTanks. The oil spill response equipment will be used at PetroEcuador’s Esmeraldas facility, the country’s largest and most important refinery. Elastec skimmers have been in service there for over six years, and that track record, Elastec’s grooved drum technology and the unique capabilities of the ELASTEC PACS unit convinced PetroEcuador executives that they would be best served by Elastec/American Marine equipment.

Felipe LaRotta of Kolda Corporation, Elastec/American Marine’s Texas-based agent, coordinated the project. (Press Release)