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Elastec Takes A Look Back at 2021

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End of Year banner 2022

A new year is just around the corner. 2022 will be an exciting year, and we look forward to what is yet to come. 2021 was a very busy year for Elastec and as it wraps up, we look back at just a few of the many highlights.


Mark Hilliard named Elastec CEO

Mark Hilliard

Elastec Inc. announced that Mark Hilliard was appointed new Chief Executive Officer of the company. Retiring CEO, Jeff Bohleber, will enjoy semi-retirement and retain a part-time position as Chief Financial Officer. “I’ve had the opportunity to work with Mark for the past five years and I’ve found his judgement in business to be excellent. His ability to absorb Elastec’s products and processes and his implementation of new procedures improved productivity and quality. His vast prior experience coupled with this knowledge will help Elastec grow to the next level” said Bohleber.


Jeff Bohleber enjoys semi-retirement

Jeff Bohleber

Elastec CEO, Jeff Bohleber announced in July he will be entering into semi-retirement and that Mark Hilliard would be promoted to be the new CEO of Elastec. As CEO, Mr. Bohleber kept the Company financially stable through some of its toughest years beginning in 2015 with the crash in oil prices, international turmoil, frozen budgets, and recently two years of Covid lockdown. He has been with Elastec since its early days, adding up to over three decades with the company.


Donnie Wilson rejoins the Elastec Team

Donnie Wilson

Donnie Wilson has rejoined the Elastec team as the Director of Sales and Marketing. Donnie’s years of experience leading Elastec will be valuable in achieving our goals for growth and sustaining relationships with existing and new customers. “Interacting with clients and helping to solve their problems has always been my favorite part of the job.” said Wilson. “It’s going to be fun moving forward and helping to build the next chapter for Elastec.”


Production of the Jenson Lake Mower begins at Elastec

Production of the Jenson Lake Mower™ began at their Carmi, Illinois facilities and a redesigned eCommerce site went live. The Lake Mower™, is a sickle lake weed cutter that enables you to handle lake weed removal at your property as easily as mowing your lawn.

Lake Mower logo

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Elastec celebrates a decade of grooved disc technology

In 2011, Elastec embarked on a project that had been sitting on the back burner for years. Thanks to the Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X CHALLENGE, that project was given top priority, and every person in the company played a role to complete the task. 2021 marks the 10 year anniversary of the award-winning technology and the products that were engineered as a result.

Elastec grooved discs video

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Elastec gets interviewed


Elastec was interviewed multiple times in 2021. Elastec Creative Services Manager, Brian Cook, was interviewed by Newsradio WJPF and also made an appearance on the Carmicast. He discussed Elastec’s history and line of unique products. Duane Bennish, Elastec boom division sales manager, was also interviewed about plastic pollution by Nauticus in Norfolk, VA.

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Elastec equipment featured in
study on plastic pollution control

Elastec’s equipment (PermaFence, Brute Bin, and Omni Catamaran) was recently featured in a study on plastic pollution control. The paper, titled “Ridding our Rivers of Plastic: A framework for plastic pollution capture device selection,” covers the issue of floating marine debris and plastic pollution and selection of devices to capture it.

>>>Learn more about the paper


New Product: Duckweed Skimmer

Duck skimmer

The Elastec Duck Weir Skimmer is a self-adjusting, floating weir skimmer that can be used for duckweed or water meal removal. Weir skimmers operate by taking the surface layer off the water. Material flows into the central hopper where it’s pumped to storage. Weir skimmers are non-selective, which means any loose, floating material on the surface of the water (duckweed, water lentils, water lenses, algae, weeds, oil, water meal, scum) will be carried into the sump to be pumped out. Collected material can be deposited into a strainer to help remove the water.

>>>Learn more about the Duck Skimmer


Ducky Derby Dash

Ducky Derby Dash

Elastec donated containment boom to corral ducks during the 2021 Southern Illinois Ducky Derby Dash at Walker’s Bluff. The annual derby helps raise money for the Special Olympics. Special Olympics is the world’s largest sports organization for children and adults with intellectual disabilities and physical disabilities.


Planet or Plastic Exhibit

Planet or plastic

Elastec has donated equipment to the “Planet or Plastic” exhibit at the Nauticus Museum in Norfolk, VA. The exhibit ran from January 30 – April 25 and was organized by the National Geographic Society. The exhibit helped highlight the growing menace of plastic pollution in our waterways.

>>>Learn more about the exhibit


Elastec Workshops

Elastec’s Spring and Fall Workshops 2022 are planned and open for registration. Our instructors for 2022 will be Trever Miller of SWAT Consulting for Spring and Cody Harris of the Whitewater Rescue Institute for the Fall. Even though it was a challenging year for travel, Elastec was able to hold its Spring Workshop 2021 with a good turnout. We are looking forward to being able to hold our two regularly scheduled workshops in the coming year.

Elastec Workshops

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New Beach Bouncer installations

Beach Bouncer installations

2021 saw new Beach Bouncer installations and a new model, the Beach Bouncer – Type III. Beach Bouncer – Type III is a seaweed control barrier that consists of a heavy-duty coated permeable barrier supported by molded hard floats. It features a stainless steel load carrying cable and ballast at the bottom of the skirt. This construction allows for ready servicing in the field with easy replacement of the floats or base fabric.

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SmartAsh incinerators used for Flag Retirement Ceremony

SmartAsh incinerators

Elastec donated the use of three SmartAsh incinerators to assist in the retirement of over 350 U.S. flags. Many of the flags were collected by Steven “Flag Hero” Sanders, who spent eight years in the U.S. Air Force, retiring as a Senior Airman. Sanders travels the country replacing old tattered and damaged flags with new ones.

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