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MediBurn: Destroying Medical Waste in Developing Countries and Remote Locations

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Mediburn destroying medical waste in remote locations

A devastating earthquake occurs in Haiti. An outbreak of Ebola is reported in Africa. A volcano destroys half of the Caribbean island of Montserrat. What do they have in common? In each case, Elastec’s MediBurn was employed to assist in the recovery.

MediBurn is a diesel fueled medical waste incinerator designed for use in hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, laboratories, blood banks and veterinary clinics. It is environmentally safe, compact, portable and easy to operate. Available in two sizes, it can destroy between 50 and 75 pounds (20 to 30 kg) of material per hour. Elastec’s MediBurn has proven itself in locations ranging from the Sudan to the South Pacific, in remote healthcare facilities and developing countries on every continent but Antarctica. Agencies ranging from UNICEF to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control have found the units helpful in fighting infectious disease.

Elastec's Jan Hoven with MediBurn technicians in Africa

Elastec’s Jan Hoven trains MediBurn technicians in Africa.

One longtime customer, an international organization with an impeccable reputation, had this to say about Elastec and the MediBurn: “The equipment allows [us] to reduce considerably the toxic emissions of the incineration of our hospital waste….Elastec provided [us with] excellent support to improve our maintenance procedure, including field visits to the hospital.”

MediBurn has also been used to incinerate illicit and outdated drugs and pharmaceuticals (as well as international airline food waste) at several locations in the United States. A U.S. police department which approved the purchase of a unit is very pleased with MediBurn. “We have incinerated countless pounds of illegal narcotics as well as medical waste and biohazard waste,” a spokesman said. “The unit has saved the department a great deal of time and money. I cannot thank you enough for this fine product,” he added. Units are also employed at dental and dialysis clinics, poultry farms and military camps. MediBurn incinerates everything from laboratory waste to animal remains—with clean emissions. In short, MediBurn is the ideal multi-purpose incinerator to destroy medical waste in remote locations.

African hospital medical waste disposal facility

Two workers assess an African hospital and medical waste disposal station.