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Custom Built Boats

Commercial boat

Whether you’re taking the day off to deliver your ATV to that remote beach, going diving or maybe building your own paradise, our boats can help you move. Elastec manufactures a range of commercial* workboats featuring a large open deck and bow ramp for the easy loading and unloading. Our marine-grade aluminum boats are designed to operate in shallow or open water and can be fitted with a choice of outboard motors.

Our boats can be equipped with a tow post for pulling gear and toys. Get the horsepower you need with twin outboards to get you there at speeds ranging from 30 to 40 knots. Trim is assisted with tabs, we can also fit jacking plates to make sure you don’t get hung up in the shallows.

We recognize that every job is different and requires different tools. We have the ability to custom build a boat to suit your needs.

We can customize your boat for your needs. We have a whole range of options and configurations including a simple console or fully enclosed cabin, portable water tank, underwater lights, and seating. For scuba diving, we can fit a bottle rack or a boarding ladder. The proven hull design can carry a range of loads and offers a large deck area, just tell us what you need!

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*Disclaimer – Elastec manufactures boats for commercial applications, they do not meet USCG regulations for recreational boats.

Different styles of boats to suit your need.

Aluminum landing craft

Custom Built Aluminum Landing Craft

Elastec Landing Crafts are some of the most versatile workboats on the market. Ranging from 18 to 32 ft with multiple engine options, console styles and many functional amenities, we can modify and customize a boat to fit your project.

Typical Roles: • Oil Spill Response • Dive Platform • Marine Debris Collection • Navigation Aids • Cargo Transportation • Fire Fighting • Water Taxi / Crew Boat • Dam & Impound Maintenance • Marine Research • Law Enforcement • Search & Rescue

Elastec Omni Catamaran trash skimmer boat

Custom Catamarans & Platform Boats

The Elastec Omni Catamaran is a vessel designed to collect floating trash and debris. It can be outfitted with a range of interchangeable pods and accessories to complete multiple jobs.

Optional Drop-In Pods: • Litter Basket • A-Frame Lifting • Pump Out • Wash-Down • Weed Cutter • Cargo • Spud Pole Crane

Elastec Catamaran Work Platforms rugged design allows for this versatile catamaran to perform a variety of waterway maintenance and marina tasks. This vessel requires minimal upkeep as it has few moving parts and its propulsion is provided by a single outboard.

Asian Carp fishing boat

Inlander Work Boat

The ELASTEC Inlander is a hybrid of hull styles (Skiff, Jon, Sled) to give you a multipurpose boat with unique capabilities. The modified V hull with a blunt blow, high sides, and a wide stance increase the payload to double that of similar boats, an impressive 4,000 lbs./1,800 kg – added to which they can be lashed together for even more versatility.

The wide hull and 36 inch tall sides provide added stability for working over the sides. The modified V provides more comfort at speed than a Jon boat or a flat bottom boat. Available in 22 ft and 32 ft models.