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Elastec’s American Marine Division Celebrates 50 Years

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Elastec American Marine 50 years

Elastec’s American Marine division was featured in an article in the July issue of International Dredging Review. The following is an excerpt from the article.


American Marine, a new company to help control water pollution, was formed by the late Jim Pearce in Cocoa, Florida, in 1967. Pearce, a highly decorated World War II U.S. fighter ace-turned-test pilot, was also the inventor of the first oil containment boom, fireboom and turbidity curtain (and the first person to break the sound barrier flying an F-86).

In his autobiography, “A 20th Century Guy,” Pearce wrote, “A longtime associate and I joined forces, and with the assistance of my son, Jeff, and a couple of kids from the neighborhood, we formed American Marine, Inc.,” he wrote. The plan was to build Hull Guards, a device used to help small boat owners keep the bottom of their vessels free of barnacles—at a reasonable cost…… Read a PDF of the full article.