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2019 Elastec Photo Contest Winner

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2019 Elastec photo contest winner

Elastec products are sent all over the world and used in a variety of scenarios. What’s really cool is when our customers send back photos of our products being used. Because of this, we decided to start hosting annual photo contests. We’ve recently wrapped up our first contest and received a lot of excellent photos. The winner of this contest and the recipient of a new iPad is Ted Mullis, who sent in this photo of a curious young bear investigating an idle ELASTEC SmartAsh Portable Incinerator. Ted and his team were working in very remote locations in Alaska that were only accessible by helicopter. They used the SmartAsh to burn their trash and debris. “Burning all trash on-site saved hours and money on the helicopter,” Ted said in his submission email. “This bear got into our food tent. In the picture, you can see pancake batter on his face.”

SmartAsh is the perfect tool for remote campsites in regard to destroying trash and debris. It saves transportation cost, destroys waste, has clean emissions and helps keep the environment clean and natural wildlife safe. Thank you Ted for sharing your photos and story!

2019 Elastec photo contest winner

Honorable mentions include:

Boom reel photo contest

Nic Winslow for showing a full deployment of Elastec containment boom and reel.

SmartAsh photo contest

William Heche showing the red hot power of a Drug Terminator during the winter.