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ROZEMA OSRV - Oil spill response vessels

The Rozema Oil Spill Response Vessel can be equipped with inboard grooved disc skimmers

Oil spill response vessels
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Rozema oil spill recovery boat
Rozema OSRV deck
Oil spill reponse vessel crew living quarters

Rozema OSRV - Oil Spill Response Vessels

The Rozema 47 is the latest high-speed, high-volume oil spill response vessel available with Elastec’s award-winning, breakthrough grooved disc skimming technology. Equipped with dual inboard ELASTEC X30 cassettes, the Rozema 47’ (14m) is a fully functional, multi-purpose emergency response boat capable of recovering 260 gallons of oil per minute (60 cu. m/hour) with a 90% recovery efficiency. The outstanding pilot house has 360° visibility and state-of-the-art navigation and bridge management systems. The deluxe interior accommodations make this day-boat comfortable for overnight emergency incidents.

• Two ELASTEC X30 grooved disc cassette skimmers

• Oil recovery rate of 260 gpm (60 m3/hour

• 65 bbl/7.75 m3 recovered oil storage with dedicated postive displacement off-loading system

• 2-CAT C12-600hp (447kw)

• Top speed of 26 kts/Oil collection speed: 4 kts

• Two 10 meter sweep boom with outrigger

• 65 bbl/7.75 m3 recovered oil storage with dedicated positive displacement off-loading system

• Push knees and line-towing capability

• Bollard pull, 20,000 lbs/9072kg

• Marine-grade aluminum mono hull

• Galley, head, shower and bunks for extended duty assignments

• 360-degree pilot house visibility

and much more.