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Trash & Debris Collection Boats

Boats designed to clean up trash and debris in water.

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Trash & Debris Collection Boats

Our trash collection boats are offered in a range of different sizes and models to suit different environments and working conditions.

Pontoon Workboat 

The road-transportable pontoon model provides a variety of “pod” systems situated between the twin hulls enabling tasks such as trash collection, weed cutting and oil spill recovery. Suitable for marinas, harbors and protected inland waters, this versatile vessel is powered by a small outboard motor and can be operated by one person. This rugged workboat requires minimal maintenance and has low operating costs. These boats are shipped in a standard container for assembly on site.

ODC - Debris Collection Boat

Elastec’s Oil Debris Collection Boat (ODC) is a very capable marine garbage and debris collection vessel that meets international workboat standards. The hull is certified by Lloyds Register. This 10m/32ft craft’s powerful hydraulic powered scoops can lift heavy of debris and rubbish into containers stored on the deck. 

As an option the ODC can be outfitted with skimmers and booms serving as a dual-purpose debris collection and advancing oil recovery boat. 

Click here to learn more about the ODC Boat.


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