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Landing Craft

Customizable Aluminum Landing Craft with a bow ramp that can be used for a variety of applications including oil spill response and equipment transport

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Aluminum landing craft moving in water
Landing craft in water

Aluminum Landing Craft

These work boats are often used for fast response - oil spill response, rescue, fire fighting or transport. They can be fitted with twin outboard motors or jet drive. The proven hull form can carry a range of loads and offers a large deck area combined with a bow ramp for ease of loading equipment from the shore. These aluminum landing craft are designed to operate in shallow or open water conditions.  Recognizing that response may require beaching or near shore operations, they may be fitted with a water jet drive. These impressive aluminum work boats can typically achieve 40 to 50 knots (depending on choice of propulsion options.)
Typical roles for these vessels include;

  • Oil Spill Response
  • Marine Debris Collection
  • Dive Platform
  • Navigation Aids
  • Marine Research
  • Water Taxi/Crew Boat
  • Dam & Impoundment Maintenance
  • Construction & Freight Cargo Transportation
  • Movie Industry
  • Law Enforcement
  • Fire Fighting
  • Search & Rescue

The landing craft can also be configured with a simple console arrangement or a fully enclosed cabin for crew. These boats are designed for oil spill and commercial applications – features available include a heavy-duty davit and winch system, tow-frame for boom towing and bow door/ramp that allows loading and unloading from the shore.