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Elastec manufactures multi-purpose aluminum work boats and landing craft for oil spill response, waterway and harbor maintenance

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Omni Cat Multi-Purpose Work Boat
Filterbelt Oil Spill Response Vessel
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Elastec manufactures a range of boats from multi-purpose aluminum work boats to landing craft and customized oil spill response vessels. We are proud of our ISO 9001 accredited manufacturing facilities.

Oil Spill Response Vessels

Rozema OSRV - The Rozema 47 is a high-speed, high-volume oil spill response vessel available with Elastec’s award-winning, breakthrough grooved disc skimming technology.

Filterbelt Boat - The 30ft Elastec Kvichak/MARCO Filterbelt boat is an oil spill response vessel with a belt oil skimmer that can operate in protected waters such as ports, harbors and inland environments.

Aluminum Landing Craft

We manufacture a range of aluminum landing craft that can be employed in a variety of roles such as fast response and supporting marine operations (oil spills, rescue, fire-fighting etc.)

They are based on well proven designs from a reputable naval architect with years of experience, resulting in stable high performance hulls that can be configured in a wide variety of ways. The open bow feature facilitates the transfer of equipment from land to water for a variety of applications.

Multi-Purpose Aluminum Work Boat

The ELASTEC Omni Cat is a multi-purpose aluminum work boat that offers a variety of waterway maintenance and marina service applications. It features an interchangeable “pod” system that allows it to serve as a work boat, pumpout boat, trash collection boat.