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Water Pollution Control Equipment


Water pollution affects every living being. The plastic bag or bottle that is dropped on the ground today may become the marine debris of tomorrow –harming fish and fragile aquatic ecosystems. Untreated sewage releases, wastewater overflows, stormwater runoff, oil spills, and pharmaceutical pollution can contaminate our drinking water.
To help keep our oceans, inland waterways and groundwater clean, Elastec manufactures and markets innovative water pollution control equipment to help municipalities and industries comply with the federal Clean Water Act.

Waterway Maintenance Vessel

Omni Cat

The 23 ft. ELASTEC Omni Cat is a multi-purpose aluminum work boat designed to skim floating debris in sheltered waters, marinas and harbors. The vessel can also be used for a wide variety of marine maintenance duties.

Containment Boom for Trash & Debris

Trash & Debris Boom

Elastec has over 40 years of experience manufacturing custom containment booms to control marine trash and debris, invasive aquatic weeds and oil spills.

Turbidity Curtains to Control Silt & Sediment

Turbidity Curtains

Elastec manufactures turbidity curtains to control silt and sediment pollution in marine construction, dredging and remediation projects.

Oil Skimmers for Water Pollution Control

Spill Response

Elastec is an industry leader in the manufacture of oil spill response equipment: oil skimmers, absorbents, fire and containment booms, dispersant application systems, workboats, pumps and custom response trailers to mitigate oil spill disasters.

Portable Incinerators

Portable Incinerators

Elastec offers portable incinerators such as MediBurn for on-site medical waste management as well as the Drug Terminator for the disposal of evidence and take-back program drugs collected by law enforcement agencies.

Vacuum Trailer Systems

Vacuum Trailer Systems

Elastec manufactures portable vacuum trailer systems for industrial and oil spill cleanup. These systems can recover all types of liquids with a broad range of viscosities, including biosolids.