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Type 3 DOT RuffWater
Turbidity Curtain


ELASTEC Type 3 DOT RuffWater Turbidity Curtain or Silt Barrier is designed for areas with adverse conditions

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Type 3 DOT Turbidity Curtain marine dredging project
Type 3 DOT Turbidity Curtain being deployed
Type 3 DOT Turbidity Curtain detail

Type III DOT RuffWater
Screen Turbidity Curtain

Ruffwater Screen Type III DOT Turbidity Curtain is a heavy duty premium barrier for use in tidal areas or areas where adverse conditions can occur. If you require a deep curtain with strength, to be able to work in difficult conditions and flows, Elastec's RuffWater Screen Type III will excel on your project.

Water Conditions: Tidal Areas, Strong Currents (Near Shore Ocean Environments, Rivers, Bays, Lakes)
Section Lengths: 50ft and 100ft
Availability: Custom built for each project

RuffWater Screen is the toughest turbidity curtain for sediment and silt control on the market today. This curtain is well suited for the construction of bridges, intakes, and pipelines. RuffWater Screen is available in permeable and impermeable options.
Contact us for a site study of the water conditions on your project and how our RuffWater Screen turbidity curtain will work for you.

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