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SiltMax Type 3
DOT Silt Curtain

ELASTEC SiltMax Type 3 DOT Silt Curtains are designed for use in tidal zones, river and bays

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Construction project using SiltMax Type 3 DOT silt barrier
Type 3 DOT silt curtain for dredging
SiltMax Type 3 DOT Silt Curtain on beach

SiltMax Type III DOT Silt Curtain

Suitable for use in tidal zones, rivers, and bays. The SiltMax Type 3 DOT Silt Curtain is designed for rapid deployment and is engineered for medium flows. This curtain is permeable to allow for passage of water through the curtain while retaining the silt and sediment.

Water Conditions: Moving Water, Medium Currents (Tidal Areas, Rivers, Bays, Streams)
Section Lengths: 50ft and 100ft
Availability: 100ft x 5ft Depth - typically in stock

Other depths are available by request and are available in a few days.

SiltMax Type III’s sturdy design ensures great performance while resisting clogging. Different filter cloths can be used to accommodate the design of the project and the type of sediment present.

Siltmax Type 3 DOT Silt Curtain meets AASHTO M-288-92 Erosion Class A. Permeable Woven geotextile skirt is standard on the SiltMax Type 3 silt curtains. This curtain is equipped with a tension cable under the floatation and aluminum joint connectors with anchor points to anchor the curtain in flow.