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Type 2 FastWater turbidity Curtain

ELASTEC Type 2 DOT FastWater Turbidity Curtain is designed for rivers, streams and lakes with moving water

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Type 2 Turbidity Curtain deployed near coastline
Fastwater Type 2 Silt Barrier used in marine construction
Type 2 Silt Barrier detail

Type 2 FastWater
Screen Turbidity Curtain

Fastwater Screen Type II Turbidity Curtain is a durable Premium curtain for rivers, streams, and lakes where moving water, winds, and waves are present.

This rugged silt curtain design has proven itself on dredging, construction and remedial applications. This turbidity curtain is designed for professional use and is available in impermeable and permeable options.

Water Conditions: Moving Water, Moderate Currents (Rivers, Lakes, Streams)
Section Lengths: 50ft and 100ft
Availability: 100ft x 5ft Depth - typically in stock

Other depths are available by request and are available in a few days.

Fastwater Screen is a heavy duty river curtain that can handle moderate to strong flows and some wave action. This curtain can be customized to fit the application. This curtain has been well tested throughout the world on short and long duration projects in various moving water conditions. For durability and longevity choose our FastWater Screen.

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