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SiltMax Type 1 Economy TurbiDity Curtains

ELASTEC SiltMax Type 1 Economy Turbidity Curtain is designed for use in canals, ponds & reservoirs

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SiltMax Type 1 Economy Turbidity Curtain in water
SiltMax Type 1 Economy turbidity curtain near dock
Type 1 Economy silt curtain in pond

SiltMax I Economy Turbidity Curtain

For calm water, short duration use in canal, ponds, and reservoirs, the SiltMax Type I Economy turbidity curtain is compact for easy storage, very affordable, and can work with any project budget. SiltMax I Economy has an impermeable construction and works well to contain the turbidity from your near shore project.

Water Conditions: Calm (Roadside Ditches, Lakes, Ponds, Canals)
Section Lengths: 50ft and 100ft
Availability: 5ft Depth - typically in stock

Other depths are available by request and are available in a few days.

These turbidity curtains are easily assembled and readily available in stock. As with all our turbidity curtains we can build these curtains to custom fit the project.

If the project is short duration and the water is calm, the SiltMax Type I Economy will be the most economical curtain for tight budgets.