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Elastec manufactures a wide range of hydraulic PowerPaks to operate boom reels, oil skimmers and pumps.

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Hydraulic Power Packs - Diesel or Electric Driven

ELASTEC manufactures a wide range of hydraulic power units to operate boom reels, oil skimmers and pumps. These power unit are available with both diesel or electric drives. The electric models may also be delivered in explosion proof configuration for use in oil refineries and other hazardous locations.

We currently manufacture eight sizes from 3hp / 2.2kW up to 100 hp/ 74kW with a choice of hydraulic pumps and controls. We also offer ATV tires and tracks for towing in remote locations.

Elastec has nearly twenty years experience building hydraulic power units for a variety of applications. Hundreds of our units are in use around the world. Our power units are engineered to provide peak performance from our oil skimmers. The compatible hydraulic system, with variable speed control, provides infinite drum speed and pump settings for maximum recovery and efficiency. Our engine driven units are portable and can also be used as a source of hydraulic power for operating other equipment.

Electric power units are available with TEFC or explosion proof motors and starters. Electric power units can be matched to the electrical requirements of the installation.

  • Customized versions available
  • Steel cage frame or skid design
  • Laser cut control panel
  • Hydraulic instruments
  • Independent variable flow controls
  • Stainless Steel quick couplings
  • Choice of engines

Wherever rugged, reliable power units are required to get the job done, Elastec has the answer.