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SmartHEat Incinerator Accessory

SmartHeat is a heat recycling system works together
with the SmartAsh cyclonic barrel burner

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SmartHeat ( for use with the SmartAsh )

SmartHeat is more than a furnace, it is an environmentally intelligent way to burn used absorbent materials on-site and to generate "free heat" at the same time. It's the smart solution for the disposal of oily absorbents, rags, and filters safely, legally, and economically.

Saves Money and Worry! - SmartHeat eliminates waste management costs and worry over long term and second-person contamination liability. On-site burning of used absorbents is a "free fuel" creating a cost-saving auxiliary heat source for your facility.

SmartHeat is easy to operate - simply load the SmartAsh with oily waste, ignite, and clamp on the lid. Switch on SmartHeats' 1000 cfm blower. Vented to ambient air, SmartHeat pulls cool air from inside the building, forces it through the exterior heat exchanger (located above SmartAsh ), and returns heated air to assist in warming the facility. The super-heated air provides up to 400,000 Btu per hour of auxiliary "Free Heat".

EPA Approval;
Elastec's SmartHeat energy recovery furnace complies with the latest EPA ruling, 40 CFR#266.41 and new management standards 40 CFR#279.10 (c), regulating the on-site burning of materials contaminated with oil.