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R3S - Rapid river response system

Rapid River Response System for oil spill response in fast shallow water.

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The Rapid River Response System (R3S) is an effective oil spill recovery collaboration of highly-evolved technologies for wide, fast, shallow and remote rivers. The R3S maximizes oil recovery and system mobility, and minimizes labor and logistical support.

The R3S assembly is comprised of a Kvichak MARCO Filterbelt Rapid Response Skimmer (RRS) vessel, two Shallow Water BoomVanesTM, two 150-foot legs of fast-water solid-core Optimax boom, a towable bladder and a workboat for towing.

Kvichak MARCO Filterbelt RRS

This skimming vessel is a 30-foot self-propelled boat with an integral MARCO Filterbelt oil and debris recovery system. Capable of free running speed in excess of 16 knots and drawing less than a meter of water, the vessel has an onboard storage capacity of 1,000 gallons.

Towable Bladder

Trailing the RRS vessel is a reusable, 3.8 cubic meter, camlocked, 1000-gallon storage bladder to provide additional temporary storage of recovered oil.


Two, Shallow Water BoomVanes™, having a 0.55 meter draw, keeping the mouth of the sweep open behind the towing workboat.


Any vessel capable of maneuvering at a slow speed (about a knot) can be employed to tow the system.


The optional OceanEye™ Oil Spill Aerial Surveillance System is compact, lightweight and easy to transport for tracking the movement of the spill.