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Elastec manufactures Oleophilic Oil Skimmer Equipment for a variety of Oil Spill Response Situations

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Oil Skimmers

Elastec Oil Skimmers are some of the most efficient oil spill recovery systems in the world. Designed for rapid response and easy use, we can provide the perfect oil skimming system for your needs.

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Elastec oil skimmers are world leaders in oil spill recovery. Our oleophilic skimmers recover hydrocarbons from low viscosity to high viscosity with very high efficiency. Independent tests prove that our advertised recovery rates are accurate. Elastec oil spill skimmers recover only oil from the water's surface. Costly water disposal is greatly reduced or eliminated.

X150 Skimmer Launching System

The Elastec X Skimmer Launching System is a revolutionary technology for offshore oil spill response.

Tested at OHMSETT

OHMSETT is a research and testing facility for oil spill recovery equipment. Companies can have their equipment tested to ensure that claims about recovery rate and efficiency are accurate. Elastec offers certified test results for oil spill response organizations to use in their response calculations. Watch the following video to learn more about the OHMSETT facility.

How our oil skimmers work

Elastec offers several types of skimmers. You may choose drum type, disc or weir, depending on oil conditions. As the discs or floating drums rotate, oil adheres to the surface separating it from the water. Skimmed oil is then drained into the collection trough where it is pumped or sucked out to a remote containment location. Around the world, our skimmers have proven their reliability and versatility in a variety of circumstances. Choose from our complete line or talk to our engineers about equipment to suit your needs. Systems are available in pneumatic, diesel or electric power. A test kit / model is available. We offer a Lifetime drum warranty.

If you need a oil skimmer for a fixed or industrial application, it is helpful if you can complete the attached questionairre. This will help us determine the best solution for your application.

Applications for our skimmers

  • Oil Production Companies
  • Pipelines
  • Refineries
  • Oil Shipping & Terminals
  • Barge Companies
  • Mining Industry
  • Environmental Cleanup Co.
  • Power Plants
  • Government (Armed Forces)
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Palm Oil Processing Plants
  • Large Machine Companies
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Maintenance Facilities - Heavy Equip.
  • Steel Mills
  • Chemical Plants
  • Superfund Cleanup Projects
  • Ground Water Remediation Projects
  • Selective recovery of a wide range of oils
  • Operates in as little as 3" / 75mm of water
  • No buoyancy adjustments required
  • Molded PE drums (no external skin to replace)
  • Rugged and lightweight design
  • Self-adjusting wipers
  • Grooved drums and discs available for enhanced recovery rates.
  • Range of options including steam coils for icing conditions.
  • Internationally Patented