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American Fireboom

American Fireboom is fire resistant oil spill containment boom manufactured by Elastec for use in INSITU Burning for Oil Spill Response

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Insitu burning in arctic oil spill response conditions
Detail illustration of American Fireboom fire resistant oil boom
American Fire Boom fire resistnat containtment barrier used in controlled oil spill burning

American Fireboom

American Fireboom was originally developed in junction with 3M and produced under license. Many thousands of feet of this boom were supplied around the world. This product is a first generation fire fire resistant boom using ceramic floats. We also produce second generation, inflatable water cooled Hydro-FireĀ® Boom.

The American Fireboom has been brought back into production following a very successful operation in the Gulf of Mexico during 2010. Although this boom cannot be reeled, it provides a straightforward option without requiring support systems such as reels and water pumps.

American Fire boom is a fire resistant oil containment barrier that looks and behaves like a conventional oil spill boom but can support deliberate controlled combustion. It employs a unique high-temperature resistant core and ceramic fabric components that retain their integrity from -65 F to more than 2,000 F. During the Gulf of Mexico controlled burn operations this boom withstood controlled burns up to 11 hours in duration. This fire resistant containment boom has also been successfully tested in field trials (UK, Newfoundland,) and the Exxon Valdez.

This fire resistant oil boom is manufactured in high temperature resistant materials including stainless steel knitted mesh, ceramic flotation, built in stainless steel tension cable and covered with sacrificial PVC fabric. American Fire Boom may be packaged for transport, storage and deployment using one of several systems; containers, open trays or airborne pallets.