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BoomVane Spray
Oil Spill Dispersant Application System

ELASTEC BoomVane Spray is an Oil Spill Dispersant Application System for use with BoomVane

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BoomVane Spray oil spill dispersant application system on boat
BoomVane Spray applying dispersant

BoomVane™ Spray Oil Spill
Dispersant Application System

The BoomVane™ Spray is an adaptation of this well-known device that now enables responders to apply oil spill dispersant in a totally new and effective way. The BoomVane™ Spray system allows for very small displacement vessels such as coastal fishing boats, pilot, and workboats to be used for dispersant application on marine oil spills. Standard BoomVanes™, conventionally used for towing oil booms or sweeps, can be adapted. Equally the BoomVane™ from this spray system can be used independently for towing booms.

Coastal  - effective swath 25 m, operating speed 4-5 knots - for use with Standard BoomVane(1 m draught) on coastal fishing, patrol and work vessels.

BoomVane™ Models