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Elastec manufactures a line of oil spill fence boom with added tension members combined with solid foam flotation.

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MaxiMax oil spill containment boom stored on boom reel
Oil Spill Boom on reel
Oil Spill Fence Boom deployed in water

MaxiMax & MiniMax - oil spill fence boom

Our range of fence booms are ideal for rapid deployment and oil spill containment in a variety of applications.

Elastec manufactures a line of oil spill fence boom with added tension members combined with solid foam flotation. This oil and debris barrier is typically used for rapid deployment in ports and harbors for surrounding vessels or protecting resources. The construction employs top and bottom tension members (cable on top and chain on bottom).

We offer six sizes;

Height 17" / 430mm to 44” / 1100mm
Freeboard 6" / 150mm to 5.75" / 400mm
Draft 11" / 280mm to 27.5" / 700mm

MiniMax and MaxiMax oil spill containment booms have low storage volume and can be stored on pallets or wound on reels. This system is especially useful for ports and harbors where a quick response is required. These containment booms feature closed cell foam buoyancy panels, vertical stiffeners, galvanized chain ballast, stainless steel top tension cable, plus a choice of fabrics. Fence boom is typically used for static or low current applications.

The construction of these booms does not use sewing that will allow water to enter the float chambers. The floats are closed cell ensuring that they will not take up water.

Manufactured in fully welded PVC material, this boom is fitted with handles and anchor points

MaxiMax oil spill boom comes in standard section lengths of 50ft or 100ft (15m or 30m). MiniMax is also available in 25ft (7.5m) sections. Custom sizes are available upon request. The boom is supplied with ASTM compliant interchangeable end connectors for rapid coupling of sections. End connectors are fitted with sacrificial Zinc anodes.

Optional Accessories: Anchor Sets, Tidal Slides, Tow Bridle, Marker Lights, Boom StandOff Units, Repair Kit, Alternative Connectors.