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Flexibelt spring containment boom

FlexiBelt is a containment boom that features a spring loaded design for use between vessels and seawalls

Flexibelt spring loaded containment boom
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FlexiBelt deployed during refueling
FlexiBelt in use between vessels
FlexiBelt Containment Boom product shoot

FlexiBelt - Containment Boom

FlexiBelt is a unique sprung containment boom designed to be used by ships during refueling and product transfer. They form a small containment area, where hoses may be passing overhead, between the ship and quay or ship and ship.

This technique may reduce the need to boom the whole vessel or act as a primary containment area. The space between the ship and quay is typically difficult to seal with conventional containment booms due to the limited space and changing water levels.

FlexiBelt isolates the area between the vessel and the seawall during fuel transfer. It will ride up and down against the ships’ hull and seawall, automatically adjusting to the changing distance and waterline.

Typically two FlexiBelts are deployed, one upstream, the other downstream. Note: The quay will need to be solid construction.

FlexiBelts are available in a range of sizes, fitted with full length fiberglass battens.