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EconoMax Containment Boom is a lightweight oil spill containment boom designed for calm waters.

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EconoMax oil spill containment boom in water
Deploying EconoMax Boom
EconoMax containing marine debris
Unboxing EconoMax containment boom

EconoMax Oil Spill Containment Boom

The EconoMax Oil Spill Containment Boom is a lightweight and compact containment boom suited to protected and calm waters. The flat panel floats allow this boom to be folded into neat parcels that can easily be stored in vehicles, boats and trucks ready for quick deployment by hand.

Freeboard: 6"/150mm
Draft: 10"/250mm

The EconoMax is an inexpensive containment boom manufactured in fully welded PVC material. The boom is fitted with handles and anchor points, as well as being offered with a variety of accessories such as anchors, lights, carry bags, repair kits, towing sets and reflectors.

Conforms to the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 for Calm and Protected water.

Optional Accessories: Anchor Sets, Tow Bridle, Marker Lights, Boom StandOff Units, Repair Kits, Alternative Connectors.