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Oil spill equipment for your every need - skimmers, boom, boomvane, tanks, dispersant application systems, fire boom.

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.5m BoomVane™

This BoomVane™ is designed for shore based river operations in shallow waters (less than 1 m / 3'). It may also deployed off a towing vessel to reach near the shoreline with booms and absorbents, where it is too shallow for the vessel to go.

The .5m BoomVane™ is a device for oil boom deployment in rivers and other waterways. This powerful yet light and handy tool makes spill control and recovery possible without the need for boats, anchors or fixed installations of any kind. The BoomVan™e can be operated in waters with heavy traffic since the control rudder allows for fast and effortless system retrieval from mid-stream. As a fast-water tool, the BoomVane™ works equally well when deployed off a vessel. In this mode of operation, the vessel's progress through the water powers the BoomVane™.

BoomVane™ is constructed as a cascade of vertical wings mounted in a rectangular frame. Powered by the current flow, the BoomVane™, held by a single mooring line only, swings out towards the opposite shore with the oil boom in tow. The BoomVane™ rides very stably in water speeds ranging from <1-5 knots, insensitive to "chop" and fluctuations of the current.

1.0m Standard BoomVane™

1.5m BoomVane™

2.0m Ocean BoomVane™

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