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1.5m BoomVane™

1.5m BoomVane is designed for both shore based and vessel sweep boom deployment

1.5m BoomVane
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1.5m BoomVane™ Boom Deployment Device

The 1.5m BoomVane™ is the latest model of paravane for deploying oil containment boom into estuaries and other larger waterways by harnessing the power of the current. It is more powerful than its smaller brother the 1m BoomVane.

This BoomVane is designed for vessel operations with coastal oil booms, as well as containment and recovery systems in near shore and open waters.

It is constructed as a cascade of vertical wings mounted in a rectangular frame. Powered by the current, the BoomVane, held by a single mooring line, swings away from the vessel with the oil boom in tow. This powerful tool enables rapid boom deployment without the use of secondary tow boats

BoomVanes operate in water speeds ranging from 1 to 5 knots. As all BoomVane models are self-balancing, no adjustments or trimming is required. The vessel's progress through the water powers the BoomVane.

The BoomVane can also be partnered with a boat to operate a single vessel sweep system without the need for an outrigger arm.

Powered by the water flowing past as the vessel advances, the BoomVane, held by a single tow line, swings out and away from the vessel with the oil boom in tow. The BoomVane is completely stable and self-trimming in all sweep speeds, and insensitive to wave action. The BoomVane allows boom to be deployed in various modes and configurations:

• Over-the-side sweeps on large vessels, trailing sweeps on smaller vessels.
• “U” or “V” boom configuration, as well as closed or open apex.
• One or two-sided.

The BoomVane™ rides very stably in water speeds ranging from one to five knots, it is insensitive to "chop" and fluctuations of the current.

0.5m Shallow BoomVane™

1.0m Ocean BoomVane™

2.0m Ocean BoomVane™

Covered by multiple international patents and patents pending

1.5m BoomVane™ Towing Configurations

BoomVane Towing Configurations

A - Double "U" with two BoomVanes and two ELASTEC SeaSkaters.
B - "U" with one BoomVane and one SeaSkater.
C - Open apex concentrating oil with two BoomVanes, collected with skimmer vessel.
D - Wider sweep with two BoomVanes and skimmer vessel.
E - Two BoomVanes in advancing mode, collected with ELASTEC X150, R3S, or ELASTEC NeatSweep System.