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Oil Spill Boom Tidal Compensator

Elastec manufactures Boom Tidal Compensators that allow oil spill containment boom to ride up and down on piles or fixed structures

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Boom Tidal Compensator

Elastec produce several types of moorings that allow the boom to ride up and down on piles or fixed structures such as as docks, pilings or piers.

The Tidal Compensator is a boom connector with rollers that will fit over standard I Beam ( 2 ¾” or 4” ). Available in stainless steel or marine grade aluminum, it comprises of a metallic frame with rollers, floats and a boom connector that will fit over a standard I Beam . Once attached, the Tidal Compensator will ride up and down with the changing water levels.

Our Boom Tether is a series of floats that form a ring around a pile that will roll up and down the pile with the water movement.

A choice of boom connectors are available. Please specify type of connector, size and orientation when ordering.