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Harvesting Boom

Elastec manufactures cranberry harvesting booms, custom built to customer specifications.

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Cranberries collecting on cranberry harvesting booms
Harvesting cranberries with containment boom
Cranberries in a bog with harvesting boom

Cranberry Harvesting Boom

Elastec cranberry booms are used throughout the cranberry industry. The floatation at the surface of the water and the skirt going to a 6" or 12" depth creates a moving pouch to collect and harvest the cranberries from the bed.

Once the beds are flooded these booms are used to corral the cranberries for harvesting. Our cranberry harvesting booms are constructed and manufactured to our customers specifications to meet each company’s needs. We also have reelable cranberry boom for easy storage and portability.

We keep a variety of booms in stock for quick deliveries, contact us for more information.