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Inland Oil Spill Response Equipment

Inland oil spill response equipment for rivers, streams and remote locations.

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Inland Oil Spill Crawler Carrier
Inland Oil Skimmer
Inland Oil Spill Containment Boom

Inland Oil Spill Response Equipment

Also see our Fastwater Oil Spill Response Equipment.

Responding to oil spills in inland environments presents challenges. Our drum skimmers are some of the lightest on the market. We offer small oil spill containment booms such as the SuperSwamp, portable barrel incinerators, tracked vehicles and All Terrain Vacuum systems.

Specialized Vehicles - These all-terrain vehicles are modified specifically for oil spill response. They can be used to haul and operate equipment on river banks and inland. They can provide access to spill sites that would ordinarily require the construction of roads.

All-Terrain Vacuum - A full range of vacuum systems and accessories make it possible to respond to remote spills.

TDS118 Oil Skimmer - The TDS118 is a small but robust oil skimmer that can be easily transported by hand and operated by our Specialized Vehicles. With a draft of only 3 inches the skimmer can be operated in creeks, swamps and ponds.

SuperSwamp Boom and SuperStream Boom - These small containment booms are perfect for streams and small rivers and easily transported in small vehicles or by hand.

SmartAsh - A portable incinerator for disposal or oily rags, absorbants and debris.

QuickTanks - Quicktanks may be quickly erected in the field to provide temporary storage of recovered liquids or waste.

Trailers - Custom loaded spill response trailers with a wide range of equipment available.