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FastWater oil spill response equipment

Oil Spill Response equipment for rivers and fast water environments

Fastwater Oil Spill Response
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FastWater Oil Spill Response Equipment

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FastWater oil spill response can be challenging. Without the proper tools, spilled oil can quickly move downstream and contaminate miles of banks and water sources. Elastec has a number of unique and patented technologies that work in fast moving waters. The ORC systems from Sweden include the BoomVane, Circus skimmer and ODC boat. The new X150 skimmer is able to capture and process oil at water speeds greater than conventional booms. Optimax river boom compliments the BoomVane

R3S - The Rapid River Response System (R3S) is an effective oil spill recovery collaboration of highly-evolved technologies for wide, fast, shallow and remote rivers. The R3S maximizes oil recovery and system mobility, and minimizes labor and logistical support.

Standard BoomVane - BoomVane is a unique device used to deploy containment boom from the side of a river bank. Operational in 1 to 5 knots, the BoomVane can quickly pull boom into the stream to divert the oil to the bank where it can be collected.

OptiMax - OptiMax is a high tensile strength oil spill containment boom with a shallow skirt and top cable. It can be delivered with extra anchor points (cable loops) to facilitate mooring or anchoring.

X150 - The X150 is the first in a line of new Grooved Disc skimmers. This technology won the Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X CHALLENGE. Tested at Ohmsett in New Jersey, this system can be towed in estuaries and larger rivers. The new X150 skimmer is able to capture and process oil at water speeds greater than conventional booms.

Circus Skimmer - The Circus River Skimmer is connected to deflection boom, it harnesses the flow of water to accumulate and separate oil that flows into the circular collection chamber.

ODC - This oil & debris collection boat is an excellent tool to use in estuaries and rivers, it is able to move through the water and dynamically collect and process oil and debris.

Landing Craft Workboats - Our line of workboats are custom built to your specifications They can quickly transport equipment upriver and offload booms, skimmers, ATV's, vacuum equipment on the river bank using the wide bow door.

Specialized Vehicles - These all-terrain vehicles are modified specifically for oil spill response. They can be used to haul and operate equipment on river banks and inland.

Trailers - Custom loaded spill response trailers with a wide range of equipment available.