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Arctic oil spill Response equipment

Response equipment specially designed for arctic and icy oil spill response conditions.

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Arctic Crawler Carrier
American Fireboom Oil Spill Containment
Steam Heated Oil Skimmer

Arctic Oil Spill Response Equipment

Arctic oil spill response conditions are some of the most difficult environments to work in. Elastec manufactures equipment to help make the job easier.

American Fireboom - American Fireboom is a top level response tool for large scale oil spills. It has been successfully tested in arctic conditions.

Steam Heat Skimmers - These systems use steam to eliminate icy buildup on skimmers, hoses and pumps. Oil is heated enough to flow easily for recovery.

SmartAsh Portable Incinerator - This portable incinerator is easy to transport, set up and use. Only needing a 110V electric source, this incinerator does not need fuel to burn. Escaping heat can be capture with a SmartHeat system for heating buildings.