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Product lineups for specific oil spill response and water pollution control applications

Oil Spill Response Packages
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For specific applications, Elastec can offer complete packages or custom built packages that suit your oil spill response or water pollution control needs.

Water Pollution Control Equipment

Untreated sewage releases, wastewater overflows, stormwater runoff, oil spills, and pharmaceutical pollution can contaminate our drinking water. Elastec manufactures and markets innovative water pollution control equipment to help municipalities and industries comply with the federal Clean Water Act.

Railway Oil Spill Response Application

As railway transportation increases, so does railway oil spill response. Many railways are isolated and difficult to access by traditional vehicles. These railway response packages are designed to be easily transported on highways as well as on railroad tracks.

Arctic Oil Spill Response Application

Specialized equipment for cold and icy environments, ranging from skimmers with grooved surfaces that can process slush ice, heated skimmers, amphibious vehicles and portable incinerators.

Fastwater Oil Spill Response Application

Elastec has a number of unique and patented technologies that work in fast moving waters. The ORC systems from Sweden include the BoomVane, Circus skimmer and ODC boat. The new X150 skimmer is able to capture and process oil at water speeds greater than conventional booms. Optimax river boom compliments the BoomVane.

Inland Oil Spill Response Application

Responding to oil spills in inland environments also present challenges. Our drum skimmers are some of the lightest on the market. We offer small oil containment booms such as the SuperSwamp, portable barrel incinerators, tracked vehicles and All Terrain Vacuum systems.

Offshore Oil Spill Response Application

For offshore oil spill response, we manufacture fire boom, inflatable oil containment boom ( AirMax and Rubbermax), high capacity weir skimmers, offshore rated catamarans ( FastCat), Neatsweep and Elaspray systems. The Ocean BoomVane can be used for towing large offshore booms.

Oil Pipeline Emergency Response Package

PERP (Pipeline Emergency Response Package) is designed specifically for response of oil spills from pipelines. Packaged in trailers we can customized the setup to suit your needs.

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