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Customized response vehicles for difficult to access and remote areas.

Elastec specialized vehicles for oil spill response
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Elastec is one of the Worlds largest manufacturers of oil spill equipment. Recognizing that access to spill locations is often difficult and in remote areas, we have developed a range of customized all terrain vehicles.

Multipurpose All Terrain Utility Vehicle

The Multipurpose All Terrain Vehicle is a highly modified Utility Vehicle that provides you with the ultimate 4 wheel drive utility vehicle capable of running oil skimmers and submersible pumps plus - lifting, towing and transporting materials across difficult offroad terrain.

Multipurpose Crawler Carrier Utility Vehicle

The Multipurpose Crawler Carrier is a very robust Utility Vehicle that has the ability to tow equipment such as our All Terrain Vac and PACS vacuum trailer as well as haul other equipment. It too has an auxiliary hydraulic circuit for running a variety of equipment.

Amphibious Crawler Carrier Utility Vehicle

The Amphibious Crawler Carrier is a unique tool for oil spill response that allows you to conquer any terrain. The hydrostatic track systems can traverse rough or slippery ground and seamlessly transition into water.